02 Aug 2011

Have you ever been happily basking in Symphony's warm, content-managey glow and wondered to yourself, "Self, could life possibly get any better than this"? Well, guess what... It just did.

You know why? Because the newest release of Symphony has the most 2s of any Symphony release ever!

Here's how it went down... We took a long, hard look at our landmark Symphony 2 release and said, "You know what? This release is weak sauce. It's just a 2. How lame is that? We need to up the ante. We need to blow the lid off the CMS world. Let's take the number of 2s in this badboy... and TRIPLE IT!"

How's that taste, Symphonyland? I'll tell you how it tastes. It tastes damn good.

So go download it, or grab it from Github. And check out the release notes too, because I think there might've been a handful of other changes aside from the version number ;)


The official slogan for this release:

So much two that we needed three of them

Big thanks as always to Brendo and the rest of the working groups for doing all the work while I sit around and think up silly blog posts :)

  • Allen
  • 03 Aug 11, 8:05 am

Them twos are threefers, dang!

High five.

git pull origin master

Oh, almost forgot

git submodule foreach git pull origin master

The easiest and fastest update I've ever made. Works like a charm. Learning git already paid off. :-)

  • Henry
  • 03 Aug 11, 1:22 pm

@jensscherbl nice! Didn't know you could do it that way :)

add a couple of 3s and you'll have a full house!

congrats, I'm an EE developer exploring Symphony. I like what I see so far.

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