22 Oct 2011

The Symphony working groups are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Symphony 2.2.4, a bugfix and security release.

This is a recommended update for all users, which primarily resolves Date related issues and other minor issues that have been flagged by the community. Symphony 2.2.4 fixes some low risk security vulnerabilities that were reported by Mavituna Security. You can read the release notes for more information.

And with the release of Symphony 2.2.4, the team is now fully focused on the upcoming Symphony 2.3 release. This is an exciting release which adds on Symphony's strengths and proves you can teach a dog new tricks. Stay tuned for more updates shortly!


  • Henry
  • 22 Oct 11, 1:18 pm

Awesome! Will be updating a few in-development projects today.

Sweet! I'm updating now!

  • vladG
  • 22 Oct 11, 5:05 pm

I really like this funny-writing style adopted by these guys :D

Sweet! I'm just getting my feet wet with Symphony via the Hello to Symphony tutorial, and this is the first tweet that I see. What impeccable timing!

  • into
  • 23 Oct 11, 1:41 am

Nice Nice Nice !

  • into
  • 23 Oct 11, 1:42 am

@Anhedonia, welcome to the best decision in your web development career.

Symphony, the CMS that cuts thru the BS

Marvellous! Thank you very much!

What's up with the datasource filtering? It's really messed up after updating to 2.2.4 (see screenshot

Sorry, my fault. Forgot to activate JavaScript again after turning it of for debugging... :-/

Just a quick update to let everyone know that there is a 2.2.5 release planned ASAP (within the next week).

This fixes two critical issues with the Date and Select Box Link fields. Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

Hi @brendo, any news on 2.2.5? I'd rather wait a bit and update 2.2.3 straight to 2.2.5 than upgrade twice :)

Ah, just found I'll wait a bit :) (Thanks for all your work b.t.w!)

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