01 Oct 2007
Developer Podcast

Earlier today, I dragged Alistair and Scott for a round of developer death-match but since neither of them were particularly interested in the thought of an abrupt death, we had to settle for an on-a-whim podcast, or whimcast for short. The podcast is 60 minutes worth of unscripted chaos where all subjects relating to Symphony were discussed. Naturally, we left all the juicy bits to the end of the podcast.

A post-apocalyptic sabotage

"No, Alistair is not a cyborg; the memory buffer overflow did it". That's the answer to the question I anticipate will be asked at some point. If you don't know what I am talking about, then I urge you to listen to the podcast.

Winners of the Noob Tees

Also on the podcast, we've announced the winners of the Noob tees! To spare you all the suspense, the winners are:

  • Event 1: Nick Hall
  • Event 2: Mark Lewis
  • Event 3: Michaël Simard

Congratulations to Nick, Mark and Michaël. Send me your shirt size and a delivery address and I'll have them sent straight from The Big Noob factory.


Got buffer overflow problems? Discuss!


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