03 May 2009
Developer Podcast

On this episode of developer chat we talk about the new symphony website, version control extension and also the post-apocalyptic world of version 3!

The very special, quite awesome and a wee bit cuddly Rowan Lewis (a.k.a buzzomatic) joins us on Symphony's very first recording inside a $50,000 AUD sound studio!

Episode 6 is older than your milk

This podcast is actually a couple weeks old. Seeing how our onstage mannerisms have never really been all that ear-tastic, I needed to find myself good 2 solid hours of editing time. However, finding that 2 hours for the past few weeks was more difficult than convincing people on IRC #symphony that "Naked by Allen, Calendar 2008" was a joke and it doesn't exist. So, for the sake of getting the damn thing out the door, I present the podcast in all of its untainted, natural glory, much like my nude calendar.

What's on the menu

On this podcast we talked about:

  • Documentation
  • Version Control Extension
  • The new Symphony community website
  • Symphony 2.1 v.s. Symphony 3

Yay, Rowan!

The Symphony extension maker extraudinaire, Rowan Lewis joined Alistair, Scott and I to talk about the stuff I outlined above. Anybody who's a regular on the Symphony forum will know Rowan for his tireless and keen efforts in creating extensions - so far he's made 30 so far, and counting!


Do you have questions about the new Symphony website? Perhaps some encouraging words to Rowan to entice him to release those unreleased extensions (I hear good music and cheap alcohol does the trick). Discuss anything as long as it's not about my calendar!


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