21 Jul 2009
Developer Podcast

This special episode of developer chat is all about you, the Symphony community. Listen in as Allen and Alistair look back on the history of Symphony and its community, discuss recent and upcoming enhancements to the website, and drop a few enticing tidbits about the team's future plans.


  • Symphony's history
  • Recent additions to the website
  • The team welcomes a new member
  • Upcoming plans for the website
  • The team addresses a hotly-debated forum discussion
  • Some updates on the future of Symphony
  • Q&A: the team answers a few user-submitted questions

Cover Art

One of the projects you'll hear about in this developer chat is a new community statistics page for the website, which details membership growth, participation, activity, and more... Here's a sneak peek (all of the data is fresh and accurate except for the Top 10 Members table):

The community statistics page


Get the podcast. Don't worry, it's legal.

Liner Notes

Those are up to you. Leave your comments below...


Those community statistics look awesome, gotta love statistics! Nice to see that I make enough posts to get the Netherlands on the geographic distribution chart.

I wonder what your opinion is about funding extensions. The discussion got a bit heated, but I am sure that there should be at least a partial solution to the challenge of getting those extensions developed.

Anyway, my download is ready so I’ll sit back and enjoy the talk.

  • Nils
  • 21 Jul 09, 6:40 am

Thanks for this new and informative podcast.

It will be interesting to see how ensembles (funny pronunciation by the way) will evolve: Are there any plans to make them “additive” so that I can install the forum and the wiki ensemble and merge both into one install?

  • Henry
  • 21 Jul 09, 9:33 am

About to have a listen - sounds exciting :)

Any chance of getting an iTunes feed of the podcast?

Yeah, would luuurve a feed for these if there will be more coming…? Nice work!

  • Allen
  • 21 Jul 09, 3:57 pm

Stats page, as promised is now available. Check it out!

It’s great to see the the stats published on the site Allen… although I now feel a duty to get myself into the top 10 :)

Allen: The CSS is still cached (broken) every time you add something new to the page.

I would recommend renaming your stylesheet or adding a dummy _GET-value to the URL and changin that every time you do major changes to prevent that from happening.

A podcast XML feed would be fantastico! Downloading and unzipping Zip files of MP3s is so 2001 ;-)

So the amount of community members, are only the ones who have registered on the forum? Guess usage is even more big then, not all users also register on the forum (I remeber the old days when in order to download you must first have an account). And almost 9000 users ? wow! thats hard to believe, I was under the impression that the community only were the 20 regulars whom i see posting and know by now? Guess there are a lot of people too who register but never post or reply? How does all this reflect in the metrics?

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