01 Apr 2010
Developer Podcast

More eagerly anticipated than Apple's shipment of the iPad and more controversial than healthiness and book learnin' are in the US, episode 8 of the developer's podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.

While it's downloading, minimize your text editor and go brew a pot of coffee because you're about to indulge in a fifty-minute feast of aural delights, featuring the one-and-only A-Team. You'll be riveted as Allen and Alistair break down some of the most exciting new developments in Symphony 2.1. You'll nod approvingly as they address the status of the forthcoming 2.0.8 stability release. You might even weep quietly as they highlight some notable new extensions and ensembles. But that's your business, not ours.

There's also mention of the upcoming June meetup in London, where it appears Allen will be doling out man-hugs quite liberally. And in the first installment of a new segment called "Tech Talk," the A's tackle the question of whether Symphony should begin thinking about schemaless databases.

In all, lots of fun to be had, and at the very least you'll get to enjoy some lovely Australian accents (the most authentic you've heard since the last Outback Steakhouse commercial you saw on TV).

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  • Nils
  • 01 Apr 10, 6:26 pm

Thanks for the interesting podcast.

On thing concerning the name of that one extension (“Mediacäzßk”): just pronounce it like media-take, that’s close enough to the German original. Great you like the Subsection Manager by the way. Hopefully man hugs are nothing to be afraid of ;)

Great podcast, as always. Loved the Arrested Development reference. :-)

I guess you’ve pronounced it right so no hugs for me. :-( Regarding that, is there a way to change ones nickname on the site? I’m getting more and more frustrated with it…

  • Nils
  • 01 Apr 10, 9:36 pm

@phoque: I’m sorry, but the nickname “Nils” is already taken ;)

  • Allen
  • 01 Apr 10, 10:31 pm

For those that didn’t get the “Mr. F” reference in the podcast, here it is via the wonder of youtube.

  • Allen
  • 01 Apr 10, 10:35 pm

@phoque, since many discussions have referenced you by your nickname, and your presence in the community is quite prevalent, I think you should keep your nickname along with your “street cred” :)

Just watched. Pretty cool, looking forward to it :)

One thing though, 332 entries will be effected. Should be affected ;)

Fantastico! Great podcast and great sneaky screencast. Life begins at 2.1!

This is some great stuff. I can’t wait to dig in more.

Awesome. I’m clapping my hands like a monkey ;)

Stupendo! Really impressive 2.1 preview!

Future looks great!

Is there any chance of an XML feed for the podcasts? This way we could have them download automatically in Symphony.

And by Symphony I mean iTunes.

  • Allen
  • 03 Apr 10, 1:19 pm

We’ve been hesitant to provide an official channel to the Symphony podcast because it’s been so irregular. Also, I’m still a novice when it comes to audio stuff.

However, the plan has been to provide both audio and video podcasts in a more regular fashion in the future and when that happens, we’ll definitely put these through the proper delivery channels (iTunes, etc.)

You have done some amazing work on 2.1! There is much win with this one.

I love the simplification of the database structure and the removal of dependency on the database for configuration files by managing configuration settings with XML files.

Beautiful work on the interface, too. I can’t wait!

If memory serves both Freelance Switch (and by extension Freelance Radio) and Boagworld have both done articles how now to do podcasts.

As for distribution, most of them provide an RSS feed that iTunes uses to alert users when a new podcasts is available.

Also, irregularity isn’t that big an issue. I subscribe to a few weekly podcasts but most of them are whenever someone gets around to recording, just as many blogs are.

I’m sure that I and other members of the community would be willing to help.

  • Allen
  • 08 Apr 10, 10:51 am

We’ve done iTunes feeds for clients before so that isn’t an issue.

It’s the notion of jumping over the line of the, “we’re doing this for reals now” is the mental hurdle. We’re not sure if we’re going to be committed to this and if we do, we want to make sure we do it right.

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