13 Mar 2012

Allen raises his left fist. "You see this fist?", Allen remarks with conviction. "He has a brother." Allen then raises his right arm, but soon realised he didn't have a free hand to point to both his fists. Without the ability to point to his intimidating punching instruments of death, he feared the impact of his message would be somewhat diminished. "I really need someone to point to my fists", Allen quietly utters to himself.

Brendan, standing next to him heard Allen's mumble and like a true showman, pointed to Allen's pumping fists with gusto. Jazz hands were even involved at one point during the pointing affair.

The motto of this rather confusing and pointless story is "team work". Just like Symphony's first ever Hackathon event, when great minds are squashed together in close cyberspace, special things happen. But don't take my word for it. Listen for yourself.

Over the next hour, you will laugh and you will cry but mostly, you'll be confused by my narration as I attempt to string the different Hackathon segments together into a cohesive story.

For the podcast, I've spoken to several very important Symphony members, so you owe it to them to listen to what they have to say.

Download the hour-long 64MB podcast. If you don't, you have both my fists to answer to.

Quick, Brendan, point at my fists!


By Deity you should write more… :)

downloading awesomecast

Poetry :)

  • Henry
  • 13 Mar 12, 3:26 pm

Love the intro. Amazing work.


STEAK AND BAKED BEANS? You make me sick.

On a more serious note — excellent podcast. Probably the finest yet. Well done.

Is there a podcast feed, iTunes?

  • Allen
  • 13 Mar 12, 11:03 pm

No podcast feed yet.

Man this post is glorious.

  • Lewis
  • 14 Mar 12, 12:08 pm

Finest yet indeed, where will Allen take us next!

Allen, when are you in the UK? Please can you come and read to my kids?

  • Allen
  • 14 Mar 12, 11:24 pm

Thanks for the compliments guys.

  • joshm
  • 15 Mar 12, 11:17 pm

where can i find the video of the new tabs interface? thanks, Josh

I think the video was actually of the Drawer plugin idea:

Then screenshots of how other drawers might look:

And finally new tabs:

Nice introduction, love it!

By the way, every time you say my name I can't help but laugh, at first I thought you were saying "he". Thanks for making my day!

  • joshm
  • 18 Mar 12, 6:42 am

@nickdunn - thanks - looking really good.

"Uncle Happy Pants and the Infamous Grab Function"

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