19 Aug 2010

Symphony 2.1.1 maintenance update is upon us. This time around, we knew we had to be more vigilant with getting updates out in a timely fashion. While we didn't expect to see as many issues as our previous major update releases, the development team had put aside two weeks to monitor any issues after a 2.1 launch.

Despite the relatively smooth launch of version 2.1, a handful of annoying bugs slipped through. Luckily, our active group of community members were quick to jump in to help us investigate and fix the more prominent issues 2.1 faced. With the help of the our beloved community along with the lesson learned from our previous releases; we hope updates will be even more swift and painless in the future.

See here for the update changelog.



I don’t see any details regarding what was updated, added, fixed. Can you let me know so I can post a news update on CMS Critic please?


@Mike You can find the change-log at the release page.

  • Allen
  • 20 Aug 10, 2:23 am

Apologies for that Mike; It’s usually good form to link to the release notes and I’ve simply forgot.

I’ve edited the post to have the link now.

No worries. Thanks to both of you for pointing me in the right direction.


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