12 Sep 2011
Development Notes

The second development notes for Symphony 2.3 are available on the Symphony Github Wiki. These notes describe two new features, multiple output parameters for Section Datasources and Publish Labels for fields.

If you have feedback, there's the forum thread or if you have questions/concerns about the implementation of these features, you can comment on the relevant Github issues, #728 - Multiple datasource parameters or #731 - Publish Label.

Don't forget, Symposium 2011 is almost here. Symposium 2011 is being held in Cologne September 29th - October 2nd and involves 3 days of non stop Symphony fun. There will be short presentations on a range of topics including using Git with Symphony, using the Core Email API, working with multilingual content, implementing comprehensive search to your Symphony site and more.

If your a budding Symphony user in Europe, there's probably no better place to be come September 29th than Cologne!

Until next time, happy development!


In addition to the publish label (which is a great feature by the way, I was waiting for that one), wouldn't it also be a great idea to add a little description to a field? A little tooltip that could be shown as a questionmark-button next to the label in the publish page?

It's not unusual that sometimes a field needs some extra information to clarify what it does, or explain the relation with other sections to the author. Also, this would be a great addition to auto-generating documentation for the backend.

is it free?

@kingkong Yep!

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