21 Dec 2009
Developer Podcast

Gene and Jay from did a website review of the Symphony website (Sweet!) and I’ve made a response video which addresses the concerns pointed out by the awesomely-astute-power-duo.

Make sure to check out their video review before watching mine.


Very cool response to our screen review Allen. You show that Symphony is run by a group of real professionals with great attitudes. This is a great site design, you guys should be really proud about how well it turned out!

Watched the unmatchedstyle review and the response. Very well done. Also, it’s cool to see Symphony getting some recognition out there.

I think one of the cooler things was the glimpse of’s Symphony admin screen in Allen’s response. :)

  • DjR
  • 28 Dec 09, 10:00 pm

Nice critique, nice response. Agree with cenazoic - fascinating to see the backend setup. I’m one of those who has wondered what the forum, in particular, looks like.

One response to the response to the critique. :) About the main nav: my sense was that Gene and Jay (or was it just Jay? or just Gene?) wondered about the difference between “Explore” and “Discuss”, and then that one query got generalized to the whole. My own take is that the “verbalizification” works quite well. Most terms are unambiguous, and even a brief moment’s thought would tell you that “exploring” is going to tell you something about the system (= “features”), while “learning” is going help me actually use it (= “end-user docs”).

(So … is a “brief moment’s thought” allowed in today’s web world? I wonder…)

My £0.02, FWIW!

Congrats with the review at unmatchedstyle and the high rating for the website. I’m anticipating the arrival of case studies for different Symphony projects at big clients!

@DJR Thanks for the critique of the critique that’s awesome! It was Jay that pondered over the naming on those nav items, “Explore” & “Learn” I still think he’s right on that, what we see a lot of in user testing and study is people quickly making a mental-map of a website by scanning the page. In that sense i’d say the naming of the links look identical. I don’t think it’s an issue that breaks the site in any harmful way, just that less ambiguous navigation may lead to better conversion, which is always the goal in my book.

But you’re right as well about giving something a brief moment’s thought, I wish more users did that. Something that really is an eye opener is to run a heat map on your site, like from something like or somewhere, i’d love to see more of those for the site’s we review and compare our studies to those heat maps. I think i’m rambling now. :)

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