• Symcast Episode 2

    Symphony's better. No, I'm not here to start another crazy internet flame-war; "Symphony's Better" is a song by Aram David and you can hear it in this episode of Symcast.

  • Introducing the Symcast

    This isn't your mother's podcast series. Well, unless Allen is your mother, which would be pretty messed up (although it'd explain why Symphony smells like freshly baked brownies).

Symphony • Open Source XSLT CMS

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.3-5.6 or 7.0-7.3
  • PHP's LibXML module, with the XSLT extension enabled (--with-xsl)
  • MySQL 5.5 or above
  • An Apache or Litespeed webserver
  • Apache's mod_rewrite module or equivalent

Compatible Hosts

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