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Closed#123: Update: Symphony Fatal Database Error

I got the following error while updating to the latest integration version:

Symphony Fatal Database Error
Duplicate column name 'navigation_group'
An error occurred while attempting to execute the following query
ALTER TABLE `sym_sections` ADD `navigation_group` VARCHAR( 50 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Content'
[/www/htdocs/symphony/lib/toolkit/class.mysql.php:309] MySQL->__error();
[/www/htdocs/update.php:99] MySQL->query();
Database Query Log:
SET NAMES 'utf8'; [0.0002]
SET CHARACTER SET 'utf8'; [0.0001]
ALTER TABLE `sym_sections` ADD `navigation_group` VARCHAR( 50 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Content'; [0.0000]

After trying to update again (which seemed to work) I can’t access frontend or backend:

Symphony Recoverable Error
Object of class Administration could not be converted to string
An error occurred in /www/htdocs/symphony/lib/toolkit/class.author.php around line 19
14:         }
16:         public function loadAuthor($id){
17:             if(!is_object(Symphony::Database())) return false;
19:             if(!$row = Symphony::Database()->fetchRow(0, "SELECT * FROM `sym_authors` WHERE `id` = '$id' LIMIT 1")) return false;
21:             foreach($row as $key => $val)
22:                 $this->set($key, $val);
[/www/htdocs/symphony/lib/toolkit/class.author.php:19] GenericErrorHandler::handler();
[/www/htdocs/symphony/lib/toolkit/class.author.php:13] Author->loadAuthor();
[/www/htdocs/symphony/lib/toolkit/fields/field.author.php:91] Author->__construct();
[/www/htdocs/symphony/content/content.publish.php:211] fieldAuthor->prepareTableValue();
[/www/htdocs/symphony/content/content.publish.php:29] contentPublish->__viewIndex();
[/www/htdocs/symphony/content/content.publish.php:34] contentPublish->__switchboard();
[/www/htdocs/symphony/lib/toolkit/class.administrationpage.php:77] contentPublish->view();
[/www/htdocs/symphony/lib/core/class.administration.php:88] AdministrationPage->build();
[/www/htdocs/symphony/lib/core/class.administration.php:204] Administration->__buildPage();
[/www/htdocs/index.php:14] Administration->display();

It’s an update from version 2.0.3 to 2.0.6.

To 2.0.6 stable (the master branch), or integration? Integration is generally unstable…

Integration because I wanted to try the “commas in param output” fix.

I just reverted the install to 2.0.3 and updated to 2.0.6 stable and will now try to add the parameter fix manually.

But out of interest: Have any database related changes been introduced in the integration branch since the release of 2.0.6 stable that I did not see? If not, those errors still don’t make sense for me.

Looks like two separate bugs to me. The first is the updater script that should add the column for navigation group support for 2.0.3. Did you manually add that column on 2.0.3 before? Not sure how else the column would have been created beforehand.

The other error sounds like Alistair’s change to making the AuthorManager class static isn’t working quite right.

Did you manually add that column on 2.0.3 before?

Yes, as it was necessary until it has been integrated into the installer in version 2.0.4.

Ah, that will be why. The installer needs to check whether the navigation_group column already exists before trying to add it. It makes the assumption that it does not exist and does not account for people who added it manually.

Update script will not try to add columns to tables that already have said column. This avoids triggering exceptions which cause the update to fail. Closed by 22cbfe2ce7eb759824cc012ce046408805628c06

This issue is closed.

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