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Closed#130: initialiseDatabase() uses inexistent configuration options

The initialiseDatabase function in class.symphony.php tries to read the value of force_query_caching (values: on/off) from the config file. But the latter does not contain this param. (Instead it includes disable_query_caching (values: yes/no), which might be a relict.)

Ill need to think about this. There are actually 3 possible outcomes with regards to the config settings.

  1. Nothing in the config. This just leaves the server to default to whatever it wants.
  2. Explicitly turning ON caching. This adds SQL_CACHE to all SELECT statements
  3. Explicitly turning OFF caching which adds SQL_NO_CACHE

The question is, what label best conveys this. force_query_caching set to “no” does not really imply that SQL_NO_CACHE will be added, ignoring the server default. Likewise disable_query_caching set to “no” does not imply SQL_CACHE.

Is there a better way to describe this behaviour?

So it has three possible values:

  • 'sql_query_caching' => 'default'
  • 'sql_query_caching' => 'on'
  • 'sql_query_caching' => 'off'

sql_query_caching sounds like a plan. However, I might just call it query_caching instead.

Consolidated ‘disable_query_caching’ and ‘force_query_caching’ database configuration settings into a single setting called ‘query_caching’. Accepts ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘default’ as values. Missing or NULL value assumes ‘default’. Closed by 709d0279018098c082ff5aad707c90427012c7cb

This issue is closed.

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