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Closed#142: Page: XSL document not updated after name change

If you change the name of a page, Symphony changes the name of the related XSL document internally but it does not change the actual file. The results in a reference to a not existing page template.

The filename is built using the URL handle. It changes if you change the URL handle.

So which reference is broken exactly?

I changed page title and handle and the file name was not updated.

Strange. It works for me. Maybe a permissions problem?

Are you on a Mac? I had some problems with local Symphony installations after updating to Snow Leopard, because Apple changed the PHP user in OS X. I had to change the owner of all the files that were supposed to be owned by PHP.

I’m working on a Mac but I’m directly changing files on an external server. If it’s working for you, it’s likely a problem on my side. I’ll investigate and report back later.

It works for me too.

Okay seemed to be a permission problem – but I think Symphony should throw an error in these cases. Symphony also doesn’t complain about unwritable folders when you are creating a new page – which will result in a page with missing page template.

You are right, Nils. Symphony should definitely throw an error!

Correct. It should be aborting the save process and throwing an error.

When saving a page, if the existing file is not writable, Symphony will correctly throw up an error. Closed by 57b2608eeea8808f5cafaa1fbbb5ea2633d12922

This issue is closed.

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