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Closed#145: DS editor cannot find DS dependencies in filter strings when does not start with $ds-

When a DS is saved, each filter string is checked for references to other data sources by matching {$ds-*. This will not match references in a string such as {$id:$ds-blah}. Need to fix the regular expression.

Fixed code resonsible for finding DS dependencies in filter strings. Closed by 6fa794d251d72396ed45d2596f20943a5f54c8e0

Am I right in saying this still requires at least one dependency to contain $ds-... for this to trigger? In the past I was come across an issue such that dependencies only work when they match ($ds- plus dsParamROOTELEMENT). If a (custom) DS outputs a parameter that is different from this format (e.g. my Articles DS has been customised to also output a param named “articles-author-ids” or even “ds-articles-author-ids”, other Data Sources will not correctly use this as a dependency because it does not match the root element name of my original Articles DS.

Is this the same or a related issue?

It’s a related issue, but a limitation rather than a bug. This fix was specifically to correct bad regex. I have attempted to address the problem you mention, but so far haven’t had time to iron out all the kinks.

This issue is closed.

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