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Closed#213: Issues with RAND()

Found an interesting issue today in that the Datasource use the keyword rand value to when the sort option is chosen as Random.

Although it seems that some extensions are looking for random, not rand: $sort = 'ORDER BY ' . (strtolower($order) == 'random' ? 'RAND()' : "ed.value {$order}");

This doesn’t affect the core extensions, as they use: $sort = 'ORDER BY ' . (in_array(strtolower($order), array('random', 'rand')) ? 'RAND()' : "ed.relation_id$order");

It’s always been ‘rand’, but it would appear that developers have been implementing their fields looking for ‘random’.

I have changed the DS editor. It will write ‘random’ instead of ‘rand’. http://github.com/symphony/symphony-2/commit/f4a4e08b218c33805fb95ced1bbb8dffa2263631

This issue is closed.

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