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Closed#238: Uploading file from a frontend seems to be broken

With 2.0.7 I can’t upload file from a frontend. Event is always returns ‘missing’ for an upload field.

This is happening to me as well

also getting error editing an entry

Same for me…

After patching I can’t even edit entries

After patching I can’t even edit entries

I couldn’t edit before the patch, but i cant create new ones now

Blame on me, forgot a line. Try this: http://github.com/alpacaaa/symphony-2/commit/c1751353cc40d621e9b5d0ab419eb0459e5d5aa2.

Multiple filter will not work if your section has only fields of type File Upload.

Thank you sir. Works now!

Hmmm something is still wrong… Uploading seems to be ok, but i’m also have some other fields in this section and now all that fields are empty


My fault. I think it’s working. Need to test more.


Works like a charm. Tested in 3 completly different sections / configurations.

You rock the casbah!

Please consider this just a temporary dirty fix :)

Alistair? Please help, this is a “Class A” bug!!!

Changes are on integration. Can you please check again to make sure its working as intended?

The fix above is incomplete, it doesn’t cover the case where multiple entries are being created. Today I’ll hopefully fix it.

Actually, here it is:


This issue is closed.

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