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Closed#246: Blank admin page

As described here, admin pages randomly fail to load, resulting in a blank page.

I’ve seen this behavior in 2 different environments, and this behavior is new in 2.0.7. This is occurring ~every 7th-10th request.

edit: This seems to be firefox-specific. I jumped over to Safari, and the pages appear to load as blank pages, but after a duration of ~5 seconds, Safari successfully loads the page. It almost seems like firefox gives up but Safari doesn’t.

I’m using Firefox 3.5.8

Just noticed that the JavaScript files that admin.js uses are being included after admin.js itself. Perhaps it’s caused by the JS it expects not being available.

Can you have a look at this commit: http://github.com/symphony/symphony-2/commit/3556206dcca2047b455f95e0583175ecaed0663f. We’re hopeful this solves the problem.

Closing issue as no one else is experiencing this problem after the aforementioned patch.

This issue is closed.

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