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Closed#254: 2.0.7 - Symphony admin.js assumes first script tag will contain a src attribute

Several extensions add additional script tags to the page and when doing so, if it ends up that the first script tag in the page is inline and hence does not contain a ‘src’ attribute then this line of the admin.js file will thrown an error:

(LINE 5) WEBSITE: $(‘script’)[0].src.match(‘(.*)/symphony’)[1]

For example this JSON tag added by ‘duplicate_entry’ extension (without a position defined) will appear inline prior to the jQuery embed:

Obviously this can be rectified inside each individual extension that causes it by adjusting (or adding) a ‘position’ value to ensure the element does not appear prior to the jQuery embed, however it might be good to also stop the core JS from crashing whenever this assumption proves to be false.

Fixed in this commit Simply, check that the script has a src attribute.

Thanks brendo, that has done the trick nicely.

This issue is closed.

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