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Closed#281: A new Symphony page returns an XSLT error

Symphony creates a page with the most basic XSLT possible, which is a good thing (keeping it lean). But I’ve always thought it a bit odd that a new page triggers an XSLT processing error by default.

While the error message encourages the developer to change the XSLT immediately, it also means that for a first-time user who has excitedly created their first Symphony page, they are greeted with a processing error implying they’ve done something wrong. To me this is a negative user experience.

One for 2.1?

Yeah I kind of agree with this. For 2.1 we’ve introduced the ability to override the default XSLT for new templates and utilities, so might be a reasonable time to make that tweak… The default could be something a bit more user-friendly, and then more experienced devs could override that with their barebones stylesheet.

All it needs is something inside the default template, and the error disappears. That could be a call to another template, some static text, or a value-of the $website-name parameter.

This issue is closed.

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