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Closed#292: [2.0.8 RC1] filesize() failed for upload field in data source

Yo! Found this issue when I tried to get a upload field with a Data Source in frontend.

filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for D:xampphtdocsbernardocruz/workspace/uploads/templates/right_column.gif
D:xampphtdocsbernardocruzsymphonylibtoolkitfieldsfield.upload.php line 182

178     function appendFormattedElement(&$wrapper, $data){
179         $item = new XMLElement($this->get('element_name'));
181         $item->setAttributeArray(array(
182             'size' => General::formatFilesize(filesize(WORKSPACE . $data['file'])),
183             'path' => str_replace(WORKSPACE, NULL, dirname(WORKSPACE . $data['file'])),
184             'type' => $data['mimetype'],
185         ));

germchaos, does the filesize() function work normally for you, outside of the Symphony environment? If you create a small one-line PHP file and use the filesize function does it work? Just trying to establish whether this could be some sort of dependency/problem with your XAMPP setup.

Hopefully this fixes the problem by handling a non-readable or non-existent file. http://github.com/symphony/symphony-2/commit/3cd27e6ec5f52b39f6365aca08fde6e5c4baa4bd

This issue is closed.

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