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Closed#299: [2.0.7] Doesn't like empty data sources

In upgrading from 2.0.6 I encountered an error in datasource.section.php. I traced the error to $dsParamINCLUDEDELEMENTS, and my Archives DS which had no included elements. I added “title” (my blog post titles) to the Archives DS and the error went away. The empty DS worked fine in 2.0.6.

Fixed. See if it works.

I pulled your changes from your “Fixed” link, removed the “title” element from my Archives DS and it worked. But now I have an unholy mess in the DS editing form. It displays a filter form for every element in every section. It also displays every section’s elements in the “Included Elements” box.

After further examination I see that the drop-down box for selecting what you want in DSes and Sections is missing. It just displays everything.

Although I did nothing except restart my computer and reload the app this morning, the problems I mentioned in my previous comment have disappeared.

The empty DS issue still exists in 2.0.8RC1.

This issue is closed.

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