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Closed#62: Status message links broken in 2.0.4?

Whenever I click a status message link (“View all Entries,” “Create Another?” etc.) I am suddenly prompted to login again. When I log in I get a 404 because somehow the path has been added into the URL twice. For example:


I can’t reproduce this behaviour – are the links of View all Entries and Create Another correct? Maybe it’s connected to a subdomain or subfolder issue?

Yeah I’m working locally in a subfolder. Did I skip a step? Another thing I noticed is if I edit or create an entry and then leave it there in the browser window for long enough, it eventually just reads:

“Entry created {$minutes} ago.”

Did I skip a step?

I was just guessing, so I don’t know. This could either be connected to a .htaccess problem or an issue with the generation of these exact links if Symphony is installed in a subfolder. I’ve got a Symphony install running in the root folder and everything works just fine.

“Entry created {$minutes} ago.”

This is definitively a bug introduced by my javascript additions - I’ll have a look into it. Question: Doesn’t it work at all or does it fail after a certain amount of time?

Concerning the second issue: I just tested the dynamic timer and it’s correctly working for me in Safari and Firefox on the Mac. Which browser and OS are you using? Is anybody else experiencing this problem?

Sorry I didn’t see the rest of this thread. It fails after a certain amount of time. Not sure what that amount is.

I’m using FF3.5 on Linux.

This appears to no longer be an issue…

The “{$minutes} minutes ago” bug is still alive and well. Reported a few weeks ago by someone else using Safari on Mac, and then I’ve just now seen it again using FF3.5 on Linux. It’s difficult to test because it only seems to occur after some time.

I found the problem: The timer stops working after exactly 90 minutes because of line 63

else { return Symphony.Language.TIME_MINUTES.replace('{$hours}', time); }

which should be

else { return Symphony.Language.TIME_HOURS.replace('{$hours}', time); }

Brilliant Nils, thanks. Now… did you sit and look at the screen for 90 minutes to figure it out? ;)

Yes, of course! Do you know another method?! Could have saved me time … ;o)

This issue is closed.

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