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Closed#82: "Remove File" Doesn't Remove File, But...

When you delete an entry that has a file uploaded – the file is deleted. In fact, nothing appears to happen when you press the “Remove File” link aside from a swapping of content of its parent element.

Original discussion here

Also, when you try to upload the same filename again, you get a “File already exists” error.

2009/07/31 11:16:20 > WARNING: 512 - Unable to remove file - C:htdocssymphony-2.0.5/workspace/uploads/ in file C:htdocssymphony-2.0.5symphonylibtoolkitclass.general.php on line 545

I have got this error when I uploaded a file. Any idea?

I cannot reproduce this issue. I am thinking it is likely to do with the use of Windows rather than *nix. phoque, you are using Windows?

No, Linux.

1) Create entry with a file 2) Edit the entry: click Remove File, then select the same one again (do not click Save in between) 3) Save entry

do not click Save in between

Well, that’s the problem. The error message is correct. The file does exist on the server. Not quite sure what the problem here is.

Well, its counter-intuitive. “Remove File” should remove the file (or at least let me think it does and do so on saving).

Oh okay. I think the comment made by rainerborene above got me thinking this was a bug. Perhaps there should be some help text letting the user know the file will be removed upon saving.

If the file was removed first when trying to save, before doing anything else, it would be much easier to undestand what’s going on. The user could even replace a file by another one with the same name (which in fact they often do – at the moment this will never work).

michael-e: good idea!

If the file was removed first when trying to save, before doing anything else,

Eh, I’m stupid. Of course that’s what should happen. Not sure why I didn’t think of that.

Yes! This has caused me problems before when trying to replace the file, updated, but with the same name.

This issue is closed.

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