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I have two datasources attached to a page, first one standard that output a parameter, second one dynamic called with the parameter. It works well when the parameter is only one value, but it doesn't work when i have multiple values.

Do I have to create a custom dynamic datasource to multiply the results for each parameter? Any idea where i can find examples for that kind of datasource?

That doesn't sound right to me. It should filter with multiple values. Can you screenshot each des for me?

I am not sure to understand what are the des, but here are the screenshots

Here is the configuration of the dynamic datasource: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmgt9if78j0woyu/dynamicdatasourceconfiguration.jpg

Here is the result when my parameter has only one value, all good https://www.dropbox.com/s/53cj4aj12uawg5g/outputwithonevaluefortheparameter.jpg

And the result when there is two values for the parameter: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8jibkp81sw51lb/outputwithtwovaluesfortheparameter.jpg Something very strange is that i got a kind of result for the content, but only the node and an attribute without childs. That should be 2 geometry nodes with childs.

Do you think I should modify the xml to avoid the use of attributes?

Ah, right I see what's happening here.

Yeah, you can't do multiple value parameters in Dynamic DS Urls, I misunderstood what you meant.

When a DS Parameter has multiple values, then $ds-space would be a comma separated string, so 1,2

Could the script at the end of {$root}/collada be configured to accept a $_GET parameter instead? And then split that parameter to return the entries you need?

Do you have that level of control over that url?

Oh and I meant DS, stupid iPhone small keyboard.

I am not sure to understand the solution of the $_GET.

I can change the parameters that have 2 values, to be only one parameter {$ds-space} with the two values separated with comas. I can find a way to do that.

But for the GET, do you mean call the dynamic datasource with a url like {$root}/collada/?id={$ds-space} ?

Yeah that's what I meant. Just because {$root}/collada/1,2/ is weird, and I'm not sure if it would be valid anyway.

I didn't manage to retrieve the datasource with the GET way, i tried with a static url without parameter and 2 values, but the result is the same.

But I see common points with my issue in this post http://www.getsymphony.com/discuss/thread/44335/ because it s about passing a parameter to a dynamic datasource too. So i keep trying.

Thank you very much for your help, I will tell you the solution if I find it ;-)

What is at the end of {$root}/collada anyway? As it's your own url, is it a page on the site or another resource?

I found the issue (probably) and you suggested the right way for the solution (i think)

Collada page is on the website but it uses also 2 datasources, one with the url parameter and a second dynamic that is a xml file uploaded on the site. I use Parametrisator extension to include the xml file in the datasource.

Then the xslt template of the collada page modify the xml to have the result i need, and I wanted to group multiple instances of this result under a new xml to transform again.

It appear that when I call collada page/xml as a dynamic datasource, only with the url parameter, symphony/parametrisator is not able to generate the second parameter to call the xml file.

That s why the result is only the part of the datasource depending on the classic datasource and not the dynamic one called with parametrisator s parameter, it s only one element without all the childs.

So, instead of using parametrisator, perhaps i have to pass all the necessary parameters (for both classic and dynamic datasources) in the url as you suggested.

I know it may seem like an arse way round to do it that way, but it probably would be safest. I haven't any experience with the Parameterisator myself, so can't really advise past this idea I'm afraid.

Good luck and let us know if it works.

I tested with another structure without Parametrisator, same issue so it s not related to the extension. When I pass the parameter with the GET technique, it is not used by the dynamic datasource, but only the classic. I think the issue is more related to my "xml page chaining as dynamic datasources". I will continue searching for a workaround and tell you the answer if i find it.

But thanks for your advices. :-)

I am not familiar with GET and just understood the prefix url- in the parameter. ^^ So to test multiple values for the same parameter i will try your event this could solve my issue!

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