I'd like to import images using XML Importer. The files are uploaded manually, so I just need the importer to create the connections between my entries and the physical files.

My problems are quite basic:

  • Which data needs to be passed to the upload field so the import works (the path – relative or absolute – doesn't seem to work)?
  • Is it possible to make the importer skip non-existant files?

This extension is a beast (I know) and a lot of information around is seems to be outdated (yeah) and the forum search really isn't a help (well). Anyhow, anyone around with an idea or a pointer into the right direction?

I'm using Symphony 2.3.3beta2 and XML Importer 2.0 (integration branch).

Recently I imported images using XML Importer (Symphony 2.3.1, XML Importer 2.0) but—since it was a bit of a tricky process and I was able to made it working thanks to a mix of chance and trial and error—I’m not fully sure if I remember correctly everything I did back then (my memories are a bit mixed up), so take everything I’m writing with a grain of salt.

If I’m not wrong:

  • the images have to be already somewhere in the workspace folder of your Symphony install;
  • the path passed to the Upload field has to be a relative one—for example if all images are contained in a folder named “images”, the path should be “/images/name-of-the-image.jpg” without referring to the workspace folder but keeping the slash at the start (I’m not fully sure about the slash, but when I looked at the template I used for creating the corresponding XML few minutes ago it was there, so I guess I needed it for making the import working).

I don’t know if it’s possible to skip non-existant files. I guess they will not be imported and you’ll be notified with an error for each of those. But mine it’s just a guess, since I’ve never faced such a case.

Thanks Andrea!

I found out that using the latest code from integration only the filename with preceding slash is needed.

You’re welcome!

I was just wondering if you were able to import the images and if the preceding slash was a figment of my imagination or not! ;-)

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