It seems associated entry data (from sym_entries_data_XXX) isn't deleted when entry is deleted.

The query for each field is being built correctly (in Field::entryDataCleanup) but it seems like it isn't executed ...

If I execute the query manually in PHPMyAdmin it works. If Symphony tries to execute it, it fails.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

NB: MySQL user has Delete permissions.

My awful bad ... Very very bad. This thread can be closed.


AFAIK, this has never been a feature. And it might be dangerous due to the nature of associations, even if the system checked for like a "last remaining related entry" (which would definitely be necessary). Imagine, for example, deleting a blog article and trashing a category at the same time (because it was the only article with that category). Is that expected behavior?

Are you sure that the query to kill associated entries (i.e. for the SBL field) is built?

Ah, I was too slow. :-(

So what did you find out?

I agree with you but I wasn't referring to associated entries. It was about entry data stored in fields. The Title for the Event, the Date for the Event. These weren't deleted :)

After careful inspection, it seems data was correctly being deleted but re-inserted afterwards.

The bug was with Sections Event. Version 2.3 of this extension was released just now and contains the fix.

Building an Admin for Symphony is rather challenging :D

Thanks for the explanation!

Building an Admin for Symphony is rather challenging :D

Yep. :-)

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