Running across an error with using XML Importer with Markdownify being used. It runs fine without it being used. Would like to use this XMLImporterHelper if possible.

  • Symphony 2.3.3 with XML Importer 2.1 installed.
  • a field of HTML and importing the field/node() or field/* with PHP Function set to XMLImporterHelpers::markdownify
  • Receiving the following error…

Symphony Fatal Database Error: Column count doesn't match value count at row 2

An error occurred while attempting to execute the following query

INSERT INTO sym_entries_data_254 (entry_id, value) VALUES ('6098', 'As we enter into another year of Sunday School for our Preschoolers, we are in great need of classroom volunteers. Commit to a year of teaching our little ones by serving once-a-month or more downstairs on Sunday mornings.'), ('6098', NULL, ' Array


Backtrace [/Users/myuser/Repositories/site/symphony/lib/toolkit/class.mysql.php:475] MySQL->__error(); [/Users/myuser/Repositories/site/symphony/lib/toolkit/class.mysql.php:605] MySQL->query(); [/Users/myuser/Repositories/site/symphony/lib/toolkit/class.entrymanager.php:126] MySQL->insert(); [/Users/myuser/Repositories/site/extensions/xmlimporter/lib/class.xmlimporter.php:371] EntryManager::add(); [/Users/myuser/Repositories/site/extensions/xmlimporter/content/content.importers.php:80] XMLImporter->commit(); [/Users/myuser/Repositories/site/extensions/xmlimporter/content/content.importers.php:41] contentExtensionXmlImporterImporters->__prepareRun(); [/Users/myuser/Repositories/site/symphony/lib/core/class.administration.php:256] contentExtensionXmlImporterImporters->build(); [/Users/myuser/Repositories/site/symphony/lib/core/class.administration.php:454] Administration->__buildPage(); [/Users/myuser/Repositories/site/index.php:22] Administration->display();

Note: I also filed this as an issue on the Github repo for XML Importer.

Anybody else run across this problem??? Solution?

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