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I'm not sure if anyone's come up against this issue before and have figured a way around it but I'm using JIT Image Manipulation with an external domain with the added complication that the external domain requires query string params to be included in the request. It doesn't seem however that it likes the query string params.

To clarify, my JIT call is made as normal with an external reference:

<img src="{$root}/image/1/600/450/1/{full/path/to/image}" />

Where {full/path/to/image} in this case is a call to Dezrez XML API where the URL's look like this:


The dynamics of the request (the query string part) is causing issues and none of those images are being pulled in.

All other external images without a query string are being pulled in fine.

Has anyone either extended JIT Image Manipulator to handle query strings on external sources, or come up with any other way around the problem? In this case I have no choice but to include the the query string in the request as it's what Dezrez' API dictates.

The issue you'll be having is that all JIT image paths are translated into requests that use querystrings via htaccess.

I'm therefore not sure that you will be able to use an external service that requires querystings :(

I feared that might be the case. In this project it's pretty essential to grab the images as it's the primary content of the site and Dezrez doesn't provide any other way to grab them.

In weighing up options, how hard do you think it would be to write an extension to grab the images on import and save locally? Do you know of any such extensions that currently do this or something which I can use as a starting point?

Thinking about it...

Line 194 of image.php is where the external file call is made. Could it be possible to encode the string into URL parameters when you pass it to JIT, so that all the querystring is passed encoded?

I'm very sleepy today, so can't think really what would need to change on line 194 to unencode it and call it correctly.

Hmmm, it's a good place to start. I'll take a look to see if there's room to work with that external file call. In the mean time if any other inspiration hits you after a good night's sleep and a strong coffee then ideas are always welcome. :)

I'll update if I manage to get anything to work.

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