Hi all,

I'm running into a bit of trouble getting a working search with an associated section and would appreciate any suggestions.

I have a "Documents" section to which I want to associate an "Organisations" section, such that an organisation can be chosen when adding a document. I'm currently using a Subsection Manager field, to allow them to be added inline and provide autocomplete.

I'm trying to use Search Index to create a search, and it's working fine, but the indexed text doesn't include the name of the associated organisation.

If I use an SBL field instead, the search index picks up the name, but I'd like to have autocomplete in the form as the list may be quite long. I've also tried SBL+, but ran into some problems with it in 2.3.3 (see here).

At the moment it looks like I'll have to use SBL to get the result I want, but I'd appreciate if anyone could suggest an alternative. Are there other extensions of this type I should try? Or perhaps a way to get Search Index to index one field from SSM?

Thanks for your help,


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