Unfortunately there is a need for a lot of dynamic-xml and json on the page I try to code. So the is no other way, than using cache first and fetching dsParamURL later. because of an relative static contens, this will be ok for production.

So here are my questions:

1.) by using the DataSourcePreExecute delegate, is there a hirachical order under all extensions using this delegate?

2.) because of the similarity with the cachabledatasource extension, is there any possibility to use other extebnsions as parent class or must always the class deffiniotn extend extension like:

class extension_Cache_First extends Extension{}

Ok, to point second, this seems to work. I had only a typo.

I found no requiered field, in extension.meta.xml: is checking within install() the only possibility?

  1. Yes, extensions that are listening to that delegate will be notified in alphabetical order of the extension handle
  2. That's just PHP, you can extend another extension if you wish but be sure you let your users known they can include the dependency

thx, brendo, i'll keep this in mind.

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