I have a field extension in the works that I'd like to add to the param pool.

Any pointers as to how you add the field values to the param pool for DS Chaining?

The complexity arises from the fact that the field value is currently a json encoded string, which will need to be converted to an multidimensional array on the front end so that the output becomes a series of DS params:


becomes a series of parameters:


When the filed is output to the param pool.. Where's best to look at code examples of similar approaches? or am I just plain weird.. #usually the latter.

If you're looking for just an example of adding values to the parameter pool itself, see here.

Not sure about the other requirements.

Got that bit thanks. Just wondering if it's possible to do it with instances of fields... or if I'm actually going about it the wrong way and the DSRetrievalSQL function should be taking care of this.

Managed to get the Entry output as XML fine. Next step is finding a way to group all results of entry values into one merged array for use as chained Datasource...

Let the fun begin.

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