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Do you have any certain experiences with having or not having pagination of section entries available / not available in Symphony admin?

I have some sites that do have pagination available for entries in sections, and others don't.

I had an idea its because of certain extensions and section's field composition, e.g. when using the Order Entries extension, but I'm kind of lost of finding a cause pattern in it, because I have section with no pagination and no Order Entries field.

I would need (performance wise) the pagination for some sections, but I can not get to it.

I have SCMSs 2.3.3 .

I have met the same issue few times in the past too—that is, I noticed the pagination suddenly ceased to work—anyway I’ve never been able to narrow down the problem, since it has always been something I noticed after a while it had already happened. I too think it is somehow related to the Order Entries extension:

In addition, each section has an Order Entries field named Order as well. I also noticed the pagination is not reactivated when I sort entries according to other columns different than the Order one: while the “(drag to reorder)” notation disappears, all entries are still being displayed at once.

Once I tried to completely remove the field from the guilty section and uninstall the extension, but I had no luck, the pagination was still not working.

Once I tried to completely remove the field from the guilty section and uninstall the extension, but I had no luck, the pagination was still not working.

I have also this experience.

I will play a little more with this, but was curious about some existing experiences. I will apply the Order Entries to the as of now paginated section and will remove it etc. I let know.

From what I remember if you sort by the Order Entries field in the publish indexes, the pagination is removed from the page.

Pagination will also not show unless you exceed the number of entries that can be displayed on one page, which is defined by pagination_maximum_rows in the config.php file. By default this is set to 20.

Brendan, thank you for the directions: I was not aware of the existence of pagination_maximum_rows in the config.php file. I just had a quick look at it and mine looked like this: 'pagination_maximum_rows' => '99999'. Since I’ve never put my hands on it, I would assumed it has been changed by the Order Entries extension.

Juraj, I think I was able to narrow down the problem. I installed a fresh version of Symphony fitted with the standard workspace and the Entries Order extension. After having added an Entries Order field to a section, I started playing with it and I noticed everything was working fine—aka the pagination_maximum_rows remained 20—if the entries table of a section was sorted according to the Entry Orders field column, but as soon as such a “special” sorting was deactivated—and thus the (drag to reorder) status disappeared—the pagination_maximum_rows was changed to 99999.

I just updated an already opened issue on GitHub with such new insights.

Now I see, thanks both of you guys.

I have tested locally a quick fix in Order Entries driver to like:

if(!$field || $field->get('type') !== 'order_entries'){
    Symphony::Configuration()->set("pagination_maximum_rows", 20, "symphony");

If such an idea is applicable, I will want to polish it a bit further - the given row size shouldn't be hardcoded (planning to make its backup in config and use that - and it should get updated if user changes the pagination_maximum_rows value later on) and also maybe the config file should not be writen each time like this; it should be only red firstly to see if pagination_maximum_rows reset is needed at all (if I'm right with this).
But this all might be a brute idea :) Heh, I'm not sure.

I can have this done at beginning of upcoming week.

Unfortunately my lack of PHP knowledge is not of a help—that is, be patient if my comment is something basic I’m not aware of—but, while monitoring the config.php file, I wondered why pagination_maximum_rows doesn’t change the first time an entry tables of a section is sorted according to the Entry Orders field column—and everything is working properly as expected, even in all other entry tables—but it do changes to 99999 when unsorted.

Shouldn’t it change at all? Why is the extension writing the config.php file only when a sorting is triggered out?

@juro - I can confirm that your fix on Order Entries fixes the issue that I was having. I had some sections where I was NOT using Order Entries, but there page navigation was negated (or removed)... and it was restored with your fix above.

Thanks @bzerangue. Glad it helped!

There's a PR that ads this functionality to Order Entries extension pending too.

Hm, I see, will try. Looks great.

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