How can I send options from a select multiple field as an email?

<select name="fields[issues][]" multiple="multiple">
     <xsl:for-each select="//issues-all/entry">
         <option value="{@id}">
           <xsl:value-of select="title"/>

<input name="send-email[body]" value="fields[name,address,phone],fields[issues][]" type="hidden" />

That doesn't work unfortunately.

The email gets delivered but contains the string fields[name,address,phone],fields[issues][] instead of the actual values.

Thanks for any help.

I dont know whether you use email template manager or not, but I dontunderstand what

fields[name,address,phone],fields[issues][] is, when its not in any form.

got this as form values it would be easy to get values via xslt.

It's in my form but Symphony doesn't understand it and thus delivers it as a string. That's the problem.

I am not using E-mail Template Manager.

How can I get the values from my select box into the email?

so you may use send-email notification to build an custom event, and to say the truth, I've no idea how to manngae that, sorry.

in /lib/toolkit/events/* is mentioned that the section layout describes the email body, what is the section layout you use? How is the select multiple box trepresented in this section?

and, last but not least, is an section entry made?

In my section issues is simply a Select Box Link with multiple options allowed.

And yes, a new entry is made whenever a form is submitted successfully. This works very well already, even with the right issues selected in the backend.

Can anybody help?

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