@michael-e ha ha, for a long time into my first couple of Symphony sites I thought that's what we were supposed to do.

And once we get there, we wouldn't need to discuss "the perfect UI", because every Symphony developer could build the perfect solution for a use case


To be fair I've created a few custom backend pages, using the content folders in extensions. But I don't think there's a proper guide on how to get that done. And sometimes that's the best way to create a custom UI to abstract certain things. Though I still think that the current interface is great for most common use cases.

Hi there,

I've just experienced a strange behavior using the new associations with a multi select field (sortable):

I am able to sort the selected item once or every time a new item is created/added. As soon as I save the entry and get back to it the items are sorted differently (in the backend) in a random(?) order. If I change their order and hit save, the changes I just made are not saved.

I need to add/or create another item to be able to reorder them once again.

Had an issue where, with multiple types of associations, creating new returns

The Section, new, could not be found.

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