Hi All,

I have been a longtime Symphony user and love the product. My site host (i.e., DreamHost) is forcing a PHP upgrade and I realized that my Symphony version is not compatible with PHP 5.3+.

Now it's time for me to upgrade to 2.4 and I'm trying to understand which version of Symphony I currently have installed. I have looked through site files and the Symphony back end with no success. Does anyone know how I can identify the version number? I believe I installed it in 2010 (oldest last modified date I could find on the server).

Thanks in advance! Adam

Certainly in recent versions you can see the version number at the very bottom of the System > Extensions page in the admin. If not there it's also listed in manifest/config.php under the SYMPHONY section

Thanks so much! 2.0.8.RC3

Oh gosh - I am very out of date.

Wow! Your site should be in a museum :)

Haha yes. This upgrade may prove to be quite a challenge.

Go incrementally, as we don't support upgrades until Symphony 2.2. Get your site running smooth on Symphony 2.2 and that'll weed out the majority of extensions that are going to cause issues. The changes between 2.2 and 2.4 and much easier to deal with :)

Brendo, thanks a lot for the advice!

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