How can I add image to article, which would upon clicking lead to another web place? Is there markdown code for that?

If I understand correctly you're after the markdown syntax for an image wrapped in a link?


    [2]: (The man himself)



Although of course this is technically a markdown question, not a Symphony one :)

I'm confused. It didn't display anything but code in front end. Sorry to bother you with markdown questions, tho, i'd really like to know.

I'm not sure which parser the forum uses, but it's clear with the example above that the markdown is correct.

Which Formatting option do you have selected for where you're inputting the code? Maybe try changing it to a different parser?

I format articles through Editor 4 Symphony extension

Oh I see! I haven't had a chance to play with this extension yet. It looks VERY promising though!

I would flag this as an issue for the developer here. It looks like some other basics aren't accounted for, like Headings. So likely that it just isn't an implemented feature yet.

Maybe try this:

[ ![Cage]( "The man himself") ]( "Cage")


The extension seems to favour inline, rather than reference style. So it could just be that.

Yes, this is it. Thank you, Nathan. I appreciate your help.

No problem at all.

Edit: Actually, from my brief test on the editor, this should be possible using the standard toolbar items.

If you create an image (click the image button on the toolbar), populate it, then highlight it, and then choose the link tool, it will wrap the image tag appropriately, in the format above!

oh, this is even sweeter!

it's great that you mentioned it, hah! :)

I was gonna ask for that feature in editor, to be visualized.

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