I am running Version 2.3.6. for Today the table sym_cache crashed the secound time in 3 months:

UNKNOWN: DatabaseException 0 - MySQL Error (130): Incorrect file format 'symcache' in query: SELECT SQLNOCACHE * FROM sym_cache WHERE hash = '24fe1781b8e8020fef6ab8359404c0e4' AND (expiry IS NULL OR UNIXTIMESTAMP() <= expiry) LIMIT 1 on line 845 of /xxXXXXxx/www/symphony/lib/toolkit/class.mysql.php

I fixed the table - using mysql repair - no trouble here.

But I wounder - What could be the reason for such a coruption? I have doubts that something in symphony caused sucht low level error.

I think its somthing with the server: mysql service crashed? - hardware failure?

But before i pressure my hoster, i would like a secound opinion from you.

kind regards , Knut Meinke

Are you using external (dynamic) datasources or caching extensions?


The cash is used by a dynamic xml datasource. Got a (quite dirty) workaround so its priority is droped :( i run a cronjobs to check the table and repair it befor it breaks.

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