Hi all,

My host (Dreamhost) recently forced my site to be upgraded from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4. This upgrade has caused my site to go gown because I was on 2.0.8 (I know I should have upgraded earlier; lesson learned) and apparently it's not supported by PHP 5.4.

I upgraded my site to 2.1 successfully which didn't resolve the errors. I then attempted to upgrade to 2.2 which was unsuccessful and the following error was given: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in /home/ashrimplin/ on line 27

It appears that the extension, Mediathek, is causing problems, which I was hoping to upgrade to Subsection Manager, but cannot because my site went down with the PHP upgrade.

My question: is my only option right now to upgrade my symphony on a virtual server (I will need to research how to move my site to a virtual server) and migrate it to my host once I get it fully upgraded?

Thanks SO much, Adam

Hi Adam,

I'd reccomend that you set up a local environment and try to upgrade it there.

Mediathek has been removed a good while ago, whilst Subsection Manager has been depreciated (though still usable). Migrating it to the latest usable versions might not necessarily be so straight forward, and you'll most likely need to update version by version replacing extensions when required. Let us know if you get stuck at one of the upgrade steps.


Thanks a lot, Jon. May the force be with me ; ]

Hi Jon / Everyone,

I've been trying to get my site up and running on a EasyPHP virtual server and I can get my homepage up and running but the moment I try and access a different page it gives me a "Page Not Found" error. Also, I cannot access /symphony to login to the backend.

I have tried:

  1. enabling LoadModule rewritemodule modules/ in Apache
  2. setting AllowOverride All in Apache

I searched the message board to see if I could find any other threads with solutions I should try but couldn't locate any other answers.

Any possible solutions? Huge thanks.

Is the "Page Not Found" error a Symphony page error? I presume not right?

Hi Jon, you are right; error is from the web server. Please find attached screen image.


Figured it out! In .htaccess I had to change 'RewriteBase /' to 'RewriteBase //'

I will forge ahead!

Figured it out! In .htaccess I had to change 'RewriteBase /' to 'RewriteBase //'

If it works then it works, but that seems odd to me. The rewrite base is for if the site doesn't sit on the root, i.e. if you use Symphony to build a blog and place it in domain.tld/blog/ then you would set the rewrite base to /blog. If the site is on the root of the domain then / should be sufficient. Anyone know what the second slash would be doing here? Out of interest as much as anything else!

But as I say, if it works, it works :)

Hi Nathan,

Please see attached text file for what I changed it to. I am unable to display the correct code on the forum.

Not exactly sure why it worked either. I did a clean install of Symphony on my virtual server and it was the only noticeable change I saw in the .htaccess file. Fortunately, it worked.


Hi Nathan, after I upgraded my site again I had to change my RewriteBase back to "/" because the extra backslash was causing issues. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks, Adam

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