I'm moving a site from shared hosting to a VPS and I'm running into some issues with Search Index and re-indexing sections.

The issue is not tight to Search Index, it's probably a MySQL miss-configuration or similar.

Old server:

  • Apache 2.2.27
  • PHP 5.4.29
  • MySQL 5.5.40

New server:

  • Centos 6
  • Apache 2.2.15
  • PHP 5.4.34
  • MySQL 5.6.21


  • one section. ~ 1300 entries.
  • only the Copy field of this section is indexed. Nothing else

On old server, there are absolutely no problems.


  • Reindexing the section takes 64 pages (1 page per request). The odd thing is that not all requests take the same time to process. Some are very long, other are normal (~1 sec). Image_1 Image_2
  • PhpMyAdmin blocks if re-index is running (until crt re-index req ends)
  • dunno how to check CPU and RAM values since htop freezes :)

After re-indexing 33 pages (out of 64), number of records in Search Index tables:

  • sym_search_index = 700
  • sym_search_index_entry_keywords = 203000
  • sym_search_index_keywords = 16000

Before this morning I didn't even know how to install LAMP on Linux. Now I do.

I suspect the culprit is MySQL. I think I have to make some performance settings that already exist on older server.

Can you please, help me? Some MySQL good settings? Other possible causes for the slow execution?

Thank you.

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