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I'm using Symphony 2.5.2 and pulling in content using XML Importer. I have a simple Checkbox field on the page to provide a 'Published' toggle (Yes/No). I have set the checkbox to be "Checked by default". When the entries are imported the checkbox is checked on all of them (which should represent 'Yes'), however the entries table for the section shows their value as 'No'.

Interestingly, if I filter on 'Published' is 'Yes' it returns ALL entries - even though they're showing as 'No' in the entries table.

Has anyone had similar issues or know how this can be resolved? It seems that it's mainly just the text which is displayed in the entries table which is false as everything else seems to indicate it is set to true.

@ijy - Have you used the extension Resave Entries?

How to use.

  1. Install and enable extension.
  2. After importing your data, go System > Preferences > go to the Resave Entries section, choose the section that you imported your data in and click on the Resave Entries button.

That should help.

@bzerangue, Unfortunately the feed is continuously pulled in every few hours so it would create a fair bit of a manual overhead to resave entries like that.

The checkbox values seemed to be working fine on import in Symphony 2.3.3 so I'm guessing it's a small handling bug that's crept in somewhere between?

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