I know there is an option to group entries in a section by date to create a datasource. The resulting XML groups entries by year and month but I would like to go one step further and group them by days as well.

What would be the way to go about it?

Many thanks.

If you're handy with PHP, you could extend the core Date field and improve on the grouping logic here to go down to the Day level?

Thank you @brendo. I have done that by editing directly the file. However, is there a more elegant way: like creating a plugin and overwriting the function groupRecords

Hi Ovidust, yes if you want to create an extension all you'd need to do is find another 'field' extension to help you start off. Create a field item which extends the default date field, give it a new name, and override the function you want.

Something like the DateTime Field might be good to start. Note it has a lot of Javascript and added functionality so you'd have to strip out quite a lot of stuff.

Thank you @gunglien.

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