I recently installed a local version of a very dated version of symphony (2.0.8.RC3). The site appears to be functioning correctly except I am unable to Login to my account using my old password. I searched the boards and tried the following things:

  1. Made the password type length to 150 and then 300 (seemed like this did the trick for many people). No success
  2. I attempted to change the password type to Null thinking I might be able to sneak in. No success
  3. Tried accessing the backend through other browsers (thinking it might be a cache issue). No success.
  4. When I try and click the "Retrieve Password" link and put in my email account for the login I get the following error message: "There was a problem locating your account. Please check that you are using the correct email address."

I am using: EasyPHP 5.2.10 / Apache 2.2.13 / MySQL 5.1.37

Attached is my phpinfo if that's at all helpful.

Any help would be wonderful. I am currently out of ideas.

Thanks so much, Adam

[EasyPHP] - phpinfo().pdf

Is there anyway you can spin up a LAMP install? Older version of Symphony were notoriously bad on Windows, especially combined with Sessions.

Hi Brendo, I don't have a Linux machine, but can surely try. I am always up for learning. Thanks for replying and I'll see what I can do.

@ashrimplin - Why don't you manually edit the password in the database via phpMyAdmin (which comes with EasyPHP)?

Are you using EasyPHP DevServer or EasyPHP WebServer? If you are not using the DevServer, try that one.

@bzerangue - I attempted to change the password but I believe it's a hash type so typing in a new password does not work. I haven't tried to figure out the hash type and encode the password in a hash. I can try to do that tonight.

I also tried to change the password to a null value which did not work.

I am using DevServer.

Thanks a lot for responding.

@ashrimplin - What version of Symphony are you on now? Is it still 2.0.8 RC3?

If you are still using Symphony 2.0.8 RC3, then basically, you are using the Symphony 2.1 branch, and that's when author passwords were changed to SHA1 hash.

You can generate your password with a SHA1 hash online...

and then you can copy and paste the SHA1 hashed password into your database and then see if it will let you login then.

@bzerangue - it worked! Thanks a lot, man!

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