I am running Symphony 2.5.2 (thanks to Brian Z!). After changing a page type (i.e., page/type/types), it does not reflect in the "Navigation" node in the XML. For example, I am trying to hide certain pages from my navigation using the 'hidden' page type, and the page type isn't updated in the XML.

I noticed in the XML "navigation cache-age" (see attached photo); it continues to grow. Is that where the problem lies? I have tried to "reset" the cache through the extension "Cache Management" but have had no success. Does anyone have a solution to my problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

navigation cache.png

@ashrimplin - you are using Cacheable Datasource, look at this to see how to purge the cache of your navigation.

When you create or edit a datasource that fetches entries from a section, you will see an additional "Cache" option at the bottom of the editor. Change the number of seconds to suit your requirement. A value of 0 means no caching.

As always, you come correct! Thanks a lot, man!

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