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Hi all.

I have inherited a Symphony site which runs on 2.2.5. It's old, but it uses some extensions and functionality which were only compatible with 2.2.5, plus it works like a dream on it's original server of origin, hence why I am reluctant to upgrade at this stage.

The site uses a location search for listings, using the Map Location Field. There is a datasource which uses the syntax "within {$url-range} miles of {$url-location}" for search queries. All entries have a location associated with them. On paper, this should work.

Whenever I try to filter entries by their location however, I end up with an empty pool of data in my datasource. I have tried playing with permissions, reconfigured the datasource....even resaved entries, but nothing happens.

If I don't filter any location info, the datasource returns all results.

I have checked the API connection and requests are coming through to Google. I know it's not a problem with the API.

Has anybody had a similiar issue which they have had to face? I am quickly running out of ideas :(

Probably worth noting that I am trying to migrate the website to another server. Technically exactly the same spec and setup.

I'm not sure how helpful this is but . . .

I built out the same functionality in the last couple of weeks using the Map Location Field and the tutorial. I had the same issue you describe.

I initially tried "mi" and "miles" and couldn't get either to work. I finally changed the filter to "km" so that I was following the tutorial exactly in every detail. It started working. I then changed to "miles" and it continued to work.

The reason I said that I didn't know how helpful this would be is I've no clue what actually changed that it began returning the data.



I just tried this and had no luck sadly :( but it also appears that it is no longer geocoding my requests as all data uploaded now just ignores all location values....

Will spool up another copy of API, although checking in my console I haven't gone over my quota...so not sure what is happening now.

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