I know it's very unlikely that I will find anyone who came across this but trying none the less.

I've got my hands on some very old Symphony 2 website that most likely it's either a beta build or a very early version, so I understand that it's most likely to be ridden with bugs. I'm trying to export this data to migrate into Symphony 2.6.

For the most part I've managed to work however I've come across weird 500 errors when trying to export the data via a standard datasource. It is currently failing within class.entry.php fetchAllAssociatedEntryCounts which I can get around. The weird part is, that when I check there is no entry id associated with the current entry.

Anything which could explain this behaviour? A deleted entry which was not cleanly deleted or possibly an existing entry? Asking as I've found quite a few occurrences, if someone could shed some light it would be appreciated.

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