On a new 2.6.0 installation with the bundled workpsace dir, when adding or amending a Section with a date field the following error occurs. Amendments above the date field are carried out, but amendments below it are not. I dragged a field above the troublesome date field so it would actually update.

Symphony Fatal Database Error: Unknown column 'time' in 'field list'

Full output here

I tried adding a date field to and upgraded 2.6.0 installation, but couldn't replicate the issue.

Hey cylk,

Thanks for logging this, we may have an issue with our workspace referencing the < 2.6.0 date field instead of using the newer date capabilities added in Symphony 2.6.0.

I tried adding a date field to and upgraded 2.6.0 installation, but couldn't replicate the issue.

This is likely because when you ran the updater, it took care of adding the time and calendar columns to the date field.

Hi brendo,

I don't know if that was a cue to upgrade to 2.6.1 so the 'updater' would run, but I tried that on the installation in question and it made no difference.

Incidentally, after a git pull origin master and visit to /install/ it complained of missing something in /install/lib/ - the lib and includes directories were missing due to Symphony nagging to remove them so I had to manually copy over from the zip download. I think this has happened before.

Should/could a pull request like this always bring down the full /install/ directory? Or have I done something wrong? I followed instructions here.


Any progress here?

I just ran into the same error after upgrading from version 2.X.X to 2.6.7.

You always need the full install directory as far as I'm aware. It's good practice to remove these files from prod; or make them in accessible. I prefer to keep them in git/local and have this directory not synced on prod.

I've just fixed this. It wasn't a show-stopped so I kind of forgot about it. However, it was still happening after an upgrade to 2.6.11.

I took a look in phpMyAdmin and noticed that the sym_fields_date table was missing calendar and time columns. /install/ does not appear to fix this (I guess it depends from what version to version you're upgrading?), so I added these manually by reviewing phpMyAdmin on a working Symphony installation.

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