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I get the following error on uploading a file on a Symphony 2.3.1 install thta had been running flawlessly for quite some time. Possibly the Provider has updated something?

07. May 2015 08:35 > Warning: GenericErrorHandler 2 - move_uploaded_file(): bad type specifier while parsing parameters in file /…/symphony/lib/toolkit/class.general.php on line 1156

The section comprises of two fields, a text input as title and a regular file upload field. Permissions should be fine. I’ve tried serveral different file types.

Any ideas what this is?

PHP Version 5.3.29

The error visible in the backend is:

There was an error while trying to upload the file 3203-1353270979-1430982186.jpg to the target directory workspace/img/bilder.

A local copy works fine :( so it’s provider-related. But how can I possibly fix this?

OK, switching PHP to 5.5.x did the trick. Still strange this popped up suddenly.

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