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Could someone give me an idea how to update correctly 2 sections from the frontend in symphony 2.6.2,both events have been attached to the page and first event has priority and is called by the submit button. I set the event name as action in the execute function of the first event. Both events are called, but in the post to ?debug i see <> + postvalues for the second event.

The second event name is missing in debug/events and the allow multiple only updates the last one.

i used to do this with the trigger function but this has been deprecated.

So in my event: i have added into

public function load() { if(isset($_POST['action']['save-section1']) ){ return $this->execute();} }

public function execute() {

// adding extra post values, (i could add them inside the html, but want to prevent input type=hidden hacking)

return parent::execute(); } }

Debug / events <> The Entry, 3198, could not be found.Entry edited successfully.2

Solved, entry-id was a string, converted it to an integer

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