Well, it's been a while since I posted here, even though I am still a little active.

I am looking for a contractor/freelancer to complete a project for me. My team and I have already built the admin structure, and a 'members' area in the front-end, so the remaining part is the public front-end.

Our client left the project for a while, and now wants it completed. Sadly, we are lacking for time due to other project commitments, so the opportunity for another developer to join us, even if temporarily, is here.

We expect the project to take another 4-6 weeks to complete; This negotiable though through discussion of scope.

What is left to do?

The public front-end is a postcode/city/town based search engine to bring back results within a distance. Basically, this is a filter search on Symphony fields, so nothing complex. We have the ability to filter by 'within 5 miles of xxx' for example.

There are normal results, featured results and fixed placed adverts to display. The datasources need building for these too.

This is not a complex build as all the complexity has been dealt with in the admin and members area.

We really want to see some clever use of progressive JavaScript to make the site come alive beyond it's simple functions.

We plan all our projects in a kanban system so progress can be monitored. You will be included in the planning so you know what is happening.


  • You must be within 2 hours of UTC to be able to participate in communication (Slack/Skype). If not, then you should be willing to adjust your working hours to match that.
  • You must know how to customise events and datasources in Symphony.
  • You must be proficient in XSLT, CSS, and JS. Mainly jQuery, but we would prefer something like Backbone for example. Not Angular.

We don't ask for much, and in return we offer a proper fee negotiation based on our scope of work, and a very friendly team who like to post pictures of cats in Slack. Also, we really understand that up-time is required to get the hang of the work and current code, so we don't put too much pressure on at the start.

If you think this is you, and can start within 1 month, then please get in touch asap!

You can answer here, but please remember to email me as I don't get to check the forum much any more.

john [at] embarknow dot co dot uk

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